Gluten: “the dietary boogeyman du jour.

It seems the whole world has something to say about the gluten-free diet.

As a coeliac* social science researcher** I have been watching this phenomenon unfold with particular interest. I’m curious: what’s driving all this drama? And what impact might all of this have on the individuals following the diet, for any number of reasons?

This space explores this tension, by sharing news, articles,  and stories.


*Sometimes spelled celiac.

**That is, I am a social science researcher (PhD candidate) with coeliac disease, and not a social science researcher specialising in coeliac disease related research. I mostly research ir/responsible fashion in fact (more about me here). With my personal interest in the subject area, this site acts as an online library of sorts.


Email: omgluten@gmail.com; Twitter: @omgluten 


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